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Hey! I considered reposting my LJ profile, but why not make a new start be a new start?

I am a silly college student who spends her free time and then some on the internet. I hope to soon be an engineer. I write silly fanfictions about ambiguously gay personifications of countries. I lurk about. I like talking to people as long as I don't have to see them face-to-face, because I get really nervous in real life.

Right now I'm treating DW like a summer home, but if things get shitty enough at LJ, new home this shall be. Split with tumblr, unless DW can provide me with a constant stream of pictures of food like tumblr can. But I like having rambly conversations, and a journal interface is better for that sort of thing.

Interests (21):

being on the internet for too long, everything on pbs, fic, hetalia, if it's magical realism rec it to me, iron chef, lotr, modern marvels, most things, noodles, puzzles, romano, romano and spain 'romano and spaining', shenanigans, silly things, spain, spamano, strange things, stuff, thing-like things, video game soundtracks
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